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The God & Whiskey Podcast

Jun 8, 2018

EpisIn this episode, Evan and Drew try two different Jameson Irish whiskies and talk about recent happenings in the Southern Baptist Convention. The conversation ranges from Sun Chips, to women in ministry in the church and in the Bible, to discipline in the Body of Christ, and the relationship between theology and ethical/moral failings. We also wonder why Toy Adams has bought up all the La Croix in America.

Drew's Jameson Black Barrel here.

Evan's Jameson Caskmates Stout here. (Technically, it's his wife's "Mother's Day present," but you get the idea.)

Christianity Today's coverage of recent SBC issues here.

Karen Swallow Prior's piece on her accident and recent SBC happenings can be found here.

Richard Muow's article on the Tim Keller controversy at Princeton Seminary here.