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The God & Whiskey Podcast

Sep 1, 2018

In episode 10 of the God & Whiskey podcast, Evan & Drew continue the conversation about sacraments than began in episode 9, this time focusing on the eucharist. They talk theology of the eucharist as well as best practices, and also enjoy a solid blended whisky, The Famous Grouse. Additionally, Drew mocks Evan for drinking Rolling Rock.

As discussed in this episode:

  • More on the Famous Grouse here. We tried the regular Grouse in this episode, but will review the Black Grouse in a future episode.
  • Bishop Barron discusses the eucharist as "source and summit" of the Christian life here.
  • This Holy Mystery, the United Methodist official document on Holy Communion, here.
  • Methodism and the Miraculous, a book Evan mentions, is here.
  • Drew's nerdy paper about 'online communion' here. Other resources from the debate here.
  • Schmemann's For the Life of the World, referenced again, here.
  • James White's The Sacraments in Protestant Practice & Faith here, and Introduction to Christian worship here.

P.S. There is background noise aplenty in this episode...but such is life. With enough good whisky, you won't even notice it.