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The God & Whiskey Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

Happy New Year! Advent begins the new church year, and to kick off the new year we have two special guests back: Amanda (Evan's better half) and Will (our doctoral program friend). 

This jam-packed episode features four pastors taking some time out of the busiest season of the year to talk about Advent and Christmas, favorite holiday movies, and of course whiskey!

From this episode:

  • Evan's Black Grouse here.
  • Amanda's Jameson Black Barrel here. Amanda's blog here.
  • Will's Maker's Mark Wood Series here.
  • Drew's whiskey [redacted].
  • Advent video w/ Prof. Michael Pasquarello here.
  • Bright Evening Star by L'Engle here.
  • Advent by Fleming Rutledge here.
  • Cloth for the Cradle from the Iona Community here.
  • Doctors Diagnose Home Alone injuries here.